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6 Week Shoulder & Rotator Cuff Posture Therapy Program

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This 6-week workshop is for anyone suffering from rotator cuff/shoulder pain and wants to heal naturally without medications, injections or surgery.

How long is each class?

Each class will be up to one hour long.

What will the class provide?

• Professional guidance and detailed instruction of exercises.

• Corrective Exercises that target proper function of the rotator cuff and shoulders.

• Thorough explanation about why posture is important and how it can be used to your advantage.

• Progression of exercises.

• New Exercises each week.

• Trouble shooting advice for each exercise.

What makes this different from other classes or workshops?

The specific focus on Posture, muscle coordination, and muscle memory. Many treatment programs for Rotator Cuff and Shoulder pain don’t focus on proper muscle coordination of the spine, ribs, shoulders and pelvis. This class covers why this is important and how to properly progress your body with corrective exercises.

Who is teaching the class?

Isaac Osborne LMT, ASI, XPT Coach. Isaac has had a full-time practice for over 20 years, focusing on Posture and Chronic Pain. More about Isaac HERE

What do people have to say about their shoulder pain and working with Isaac?

Transformative—that’s the word I would use to describe Isaac’s work.  Isaac has helped me with chronic arm and shoulder pain, the result of years of playing tennis.  He designed a ‘short and sweet’ stretching and strengthening routine that enables me to be on the court pain free.  Thank you Isaac!” -Susan M.

“For quite some time, I felt a tightness and pain in my left shoulder. I mentioned it to Isaac and he made various suggestions to me and had me do certain exercise which he thought would give me relief.  One consisted of having me stand against a wall my arms held outstretched to my sides similar to the Unsportsmanlike Conduct hand signal in football. While not very pleasant to do, I noticed that after I did the exercises for a while, under his watchful eye, as well as some others he suggested, the pain diminished and then went away completely.” -S. Frank

“I’ve worked with doctors and physical therapists that said my muscle atrophy and chronic pain was something I could manage but not change, and Isaac showed me that there was another way.” -Emily L.

The pain from an old work related injury is drastically reduced. The exercises Isaac teaches you are quick and easy! Isaac’s easy going and humor filled teaching style make learning your exercise sequences a lot of fun!!!” – S.G.

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